The genius of Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie viral marketing campaign — popularity by bad publicity

First and foremost: I'm not a big Sonic fan. All I know about Sonic is that there were "two and a half" incarnations on the character in the games: 2D. For example in my all-time favorites on Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3. "Classsic" 3D Sonic. "Rad" 3D Sonic. One they've been using for the last... 5+ years, I believe. Compare the three of the well-known designs: I'm sure this is not news to you. Just like the fact that we now have this one from the April's Sonic the Hedgehog movie...→ Читать внимательно

NVIDIA Volta + Microsoft DX12 = Real-time ray-tracing. Finally?

Whenever I hear the term "real-time ray-tracing", I immediately think of some of the earlier RTRT experiments done by Ray Tracey and OTOY Brigade. You know, those impressive, yet noisy and not quite real-time demos with mirror-only reflections and lots a lots of convolving noisy rendered frames. Like this one: I wouldn't dream of seeing something actually ray-traced in real-time at 30fps without any noise in the upcoming 5-10 years. Little did I know, NVIDIA and Microsoft had the same idea and...→ Читать внимательно

Vicon's VR multiplayer escape room at GDC 2018 featuring Shōgun 1.2

This year at GDC Vicon will be demonstrating its new Shōgun 1.2 MoCap platform. At its core it's an optical MoCap solution (which is quite different from inertial ones like Perception Neuron and is commonly used in professional production). Vicon's Shogun and Shōgun Live are well known MoCap solutions used by Hollywood filmmakers and AAA-game devs worldwide. This time the company comes to GDC with a treat: they will be coupling Shōgun with VR headsets to immerse GDC visitors into interactive...→ Читать внимательно