Change of Course and a New Beginning

An overwhelming majority of my readers (a whopping 2 out of 3!) have keenly noticed that the latest string of posts didn't really fit the primary "CGI" nature of the blog. True, I mostly touched upon marketing (something I predominately deal with at work nowadays) and some down-to-life topics which held particular importance to me personally. Some might even go so far as to blame me of procrastinating rather than working on the short film. That's... Actually pretty close to ground truth, as you...→ Читать внимательно

Dynamic sloshing liquid rig. Making it look like a simulation with nothing but the Awesome Power of MATH. Part 1: the basic rig

Check this out: Looks delicious, doesn't it? What you see here is not a result of a fluid simulation. It's a combination of Linear Algebra and some neat mesh manipulation tricks to make the surface deform and behave as if it were a small body of water in a container reacting to being thrown around a scene, sloshing and splashing back and fourth. This is what you call a rig. A "sloshing liquid rig" as I decided to name it. Intended to be used in a couple of scenes of the animated short film I'm...→ Читать внимательно

Unity and Unreal Engine: Real-time Rendering VS Traditional 3DCG Rendering Approach

Preamble Before reading any further, please find the time to watch these. I promise, you won't regret it: Now let's analyze what we just saw and make some important decisions. Let's begin with how all of this could be achieved with a "traditional" 3D CG approach and why it might not be the best path to follow in the year 2018 and up. Linear pipeline and the One Man Crew problem I touched upon this topic in one of my previous posts. The "traditional" 3D CG-animated movie production pipeline is...→ Читать внимательно